About Imperium Compliance 

Control Through Innovation

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Based in London, Imperium Compliance Ltd utilises over 20 years of experience to provide a range of services to clients both in the UK and internationally.

Our team are experienced in a range of areas, from software management to providing guideline consultations to ensure clients are performing efficiently on all levels.

Imperium quickly and accurately parses legal text into guidelines and rule matching and will replace manual IMA contract annotations – realising immediate efficiency gains for new fund launches, IMA amendments and relevant regulatory changes.

Why ?

Imperium Compliance was founded in 2018 on the basis of simplifying and streamlining the investment guideline management process based on extensive experience in this area.

We have spent many years working for asset managers, software vendors and global custodians before embarking on the journey to establish an easier and more efficient user experience for guideline review and rule coding. 


Our goal is to provide a seamless automated process of integrating guideline review with rule coding for all guidelines. We are creating a truly global product that will harness your existing resources and tool them with the right amount of ingenuity for future success whilst helping you reduce operational overheads.

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